Originating from physiotherapy, it has grown into an innovative and connecting health club.

With a passion for movement, we are not just a physiotherapy practice, but a connecting Health Club with a wide range of rehabilitation, training and testing services. Behind the scenes, we are constantly looking for connections with other care providers and organisations that share our vision of movement. Thus, not only do we physically accommodate specialisms such as podiatry, nutritional advice, personal training and professional sports testing, but we also work together with running shops, sports clubs and exercise experts. 

Physiotherapy in Amsterdam

Our Partners

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Would you like to work at our location?

Above you can see some of our in-house partners who rent space in our Health Club. Are you also an expert in movement and looking for a place to grow together? Then feel free to contact us. 

Will you join us?

We believe that physiotherapy is more than just diagnosing and doing exercises. Physiotherapy is movement. We believe in the power of and inspiration through movement. And movement can be approached from many different perspectives and organisations. Therefore, we are always open to new partners to promote movement in people.