What AmstelFysio can do for you


Hello, my name is Frans Brouwer and I am co-owner of Health Club AmstelFysio. On this page we will tell you more about our physiotherapy practice and how we think we can best help you.

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We take care of restoring and promoting movement. Because room for movement is the ultimate goal for us. Only when you can move optimally are we happy. Our experienced physiotherapists are therefore ready for you every moment. With an expert, personal and flexible approach, we listen carefully to your needs. From there, we get to work together. With a focus on sports injuries, we have a lot of knowledge and experience to help you move forward. For example, some of our therapists are also running trainers and we can make you a better endurance athlete not only as a physical therapist, but also as a trainer preventively.

In addition to preventive treatment, we also specialize in dry needling and manual therapy. Manual therapy is the examination and treatment of complaints involving specific mobilizations and manipulations. In this way we ensure that the joints can function optimally again. The effect of manual therapy is often immediate. See below in the rate list what else we can help you with.

With our personal approach, we provide a safe and pleasant atmosphere at the practice. This allows you to work well on your body. Through useful tips, exercises and effective treatments, we ensure that you can quickly regain optimal movement. But of course prevention is better than cure. That is why we always give you tools to get started yourself. This way your movement remains optimal even after our program.

Why should I choose AmstelFysio?

Below you can find reasons why others have gone before you:

- Move
We believe the key to success is in movement.

- Flexibility
We move quickly, respond to innovation and always question ourselves critically about what we consider "normal.

- Dedication
We work with infectious enthusiasm and personal dedication to Health Club AmstelFysio. Therefore, we are often willing to go the extra mile for our patients.

- Curious
We love to test and measure, this allows us to set targeted treatment goals and work on them with our patients.

Because we house many different health care specialists for exercise and have a large network, we can of course just help you further or refer you to another health care provider. So call us or feel free to come by for an appointment. You can find us in the center of Amsterdam within walking distance of Amsterdam Central Station and Nieuwmarkt. 

The specialty of AmstelFysio

In Amsterdam, we are considered the experts in physical therapy for endurance athletes. We have expertise in running, cycling, triathlon, swimming. We know how to optimize your sports performance (through e.g. running technique, cycling posture, swimming technique) and how to fix or prevent sports injuries. We also prepare athletes for competitions such as the Amsterdam Marathon, the Dam tot Dam loop, Rondje Pampus and Iron Man competitions.

In addition to therapy, training

We also offer personal training, which is led by one of our physical therapists. The training will focus on goals you set together with the physio. This could be preparation for a sports competition or simply getting stronger and fitter. Unlike other personal training, the physical therapist will be able to emphasize factors that reduce the risk of injury.

Our practice materials

In the exercise room we have professional equipment such as a versatile Keiser brand pulley, a squat rack, a treadmill, rowing machine, exercise bike, cross trainer and much smaller exercise equipment such as bands, balls and elastic bands. Our exercise room offers everything needed to train in all phases of rehabilitation in a challenging and safe manner, until the moment an athlete is allowed back into the field, woods, track or pool.

The physiotherapists at AmstelFysio have helped me tremendously. This allows me to devote more time and attention to my passion for running.

Physical therapy costs

  • Physiotherapy session (30 min) € 42,50
  • Physiotherapy session at home (30 min) € 70
  • Manual therapy session (30 min) € 52,50
  • Sports massage (60 min) € 60
  • Screening, intake and examination (30 min) € 47,50
  • Intake and examination after referral (30 min) € 47,50
  • Simple short reports physiotherapy € 40
  • More complicated time-consuming reports € 80
  • Failed appointment € 35

Check with your health insurer whether physiotherapy is covered within your package. Click on the links below for more information about our collaborations with the different health insurers.