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Physiotherapy in Amsterdam

We are a physiotherapy practice in the heart of Amsterdam with a passion for exercise. We take care of your recovery and support you in achieving a sports goal. With an expert, personal and flexible approach, we listen carefully to your needs. From there we start working together. From dry needling and manual therapy to performance testing and health checks - we are here for you.

AmstelFysio: Physiotherapy in Amsterdam

Oude Schans 5A

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AmstelFysio collaborates with lifestyle coach Clara
Coach Clara brings together experience, knowledge and qualities to help you achieve your health goals.

Disorders, Exercises

What is acute low back pain and how do you get rid of it?
Are you suffering from lower back pain? In this blog, we explain what low back pain is, how it (can) occur and how we treat it.

Disorders, Exercises

Frozen Shoulder
An overview of the cause, prognosis and treatment of frozen shoulder


AmstelFysio: Physiotherapy in Amsterdam

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