Shoulder injury

Shoulder pain? Are you one of those athletes who has been experiencing unexpected pain for a while now? From that nagging or stabbing pain when moving your arm? No worries, AmstelFysio has been helping athletes with shoulder problems for years. 

Cause shoulder injury

Repeated movements above shoulder height can cause strain on the muscles and tendons surrounding the joint. Causes other than sports and repetitive movements may include:

  • Bad attitude;
  • Reduced strength endurance of the muscles that stabilize the scapula on the chest;
  • Too flexible shoulder;
  • Stiffness in neck, shoulder and upper back.


The secret

In the post below, you can read more about eccentric training, the secret to fixing and preventing shoulder pain. Still, it needs training and a good treatment plan to master it.

Are you experiencing shoulder pain or need help with eccentric training? Don't wait too long and have a physical therapist look into it. We will be happy to help you.