Anterior cruciate ligament injury

The anterior cruciate ligament injury is a nasty injury, but fortunately there is good news. With a good plan, you can fix it. Here you can find everything you need to know about this injury. Would you prefer to make an appointment with one of our experts to recover quickly? Then make an appointment below. 

Cruciate ligament injury

A cruciate ligament injury often occurs during a rotational movement at high speed, and is often accompanied by acute pain, hearing (or feeling) a plopping sound and swelling in the knee. The swelling and pain sometimes make it difficult to lean on your leg right away, but you can often walk and lean on the knee reasonably well. The knee often feels unstable and wobbly, and in the early stages, the mobility of your knee is usually limited.

Two options of treatment

The physical therapist can determine whether an anterior cruciate ligament injury is present through a series of tests, and based on these tests, suggest a treatment plan. Although your rehabilitation course will obviously depend on the exact damage in the knee, you generally have two options:

  • Do I want to rehabilitate without surgery (conservative) or with surgery (operative)

We are here for you to come to a good decision together. If you do not live in the Amsterdam area, we can always make an online consultation to discuss the treatment plan. If you still want to read more about the anterior cruciate ligament injury, click below for a detailed explanation of the different treatments.