Run 3D

Runner's Knee

Improve your performance and move better

The Run 3D is a marking tracking system where we apply sensors to your body. The sensors measure the angles of your pelvis, hips, knees and ankles at different running speeds. This data is compared to scientific norm data. This provides accurate insight into your unique way of walking. Based on this analysis, we create a personalized treatment plan in which you achieve your goal as efficiently as possible. This treatment plan may include the following aspects: podiatry, physical therapy and gait retraining (special gait training to adjust the way you walk).


In addition to performing the 3D analysis and forming a personalized treatment plan, it is also possible to combine the test with a strength and mobility test. In this comprehensive examination, we perform a series of clinically objective tests in which we scrutinize your body's strength, mobility and functionality.
By adding the strength and mobility tests to the 3D analysis, we are able to paint the full picture in the analysis of how your body moves and why that is so. This is the most complete picture to form a data-based personal training program.

Want to improve your running performance? Then book a Run 3D analysis with our exercise scientist Simone now. 


  • Run 3D Silver € 170

    Includes 3D analysis (60 minutes) & personalized treatment plan (15 minutes)

  • Run 3D Gold € 290

    Includes 3D analysis (60 min), strength and mobility tests (30 min) & personalized treatment plan (15 min)

Check with your health insurer whether physiotherapy is covered within your package. Click on the links below for more information about our collaborations with the different health insurers.

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