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AmstelFysio respects your privacy and ensures that the personal information you share with us is treated confidentially and carefully. On this page we tell you what data we collect when you use our website, why we collect this data and how we use it to improve your user experience. So you understand exactly how we work.

This privacy policy is applicable to the services of AmstelFysio. You should be aware that AmstelFysio is not responsible for the privacy policies of other sites and sources. By using this website you indicate your acceptance of the privacy policy.

In some cases AmstelFysio may ask you to fill in some personal data, such as your name and address, email address, etc. Your data may be used to share interesting content (such as blogs and videos) with you, but also to inform you about relevant products and services of AmstelFysio or to perform an action or subscription at your request and its evaluation. If you object to this, please let us know at



When you visit our website you get cookies from us. No edible ones, you will only get these at our practice. When you visit the AmstelFysio website, small (temporary) text files are sent along by the browser and stored on the hard drive of your computer. Just like almost all other websites.

These cookies help us see how you use our website and how we can make it better and more customer-friendly. We also use cookies for marketing purposes.

You are free to disable cookies. Just keep in mind that the website will not work optimally.

Functional cookies

Core functions

These are cookies that are necessary for the functioning of the website. Without these cookies, certain parts of the website cannot be used.

Social buttons

The AmstelFysio website includes social media buttons. These are meant to promote and share pages on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. These buttons are pieces of code from the social media itself, and use a cookie. The cookie remembers that you are logged in so you don't have to log into Facebook or Twitter every time you want to share something. To see what they do with personal data they receive with this code, you can see the privacy statements of Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Embedded content

In several blogs, we use content hosted on other sites and accessed on AmstelFysio. As in the case of YouTube videos. In a similar way to the social buttons, these codes often use cookies. What they do with the cookies can be found in the privacy policy of the relevant service. We have no control over this.

Analyzing cookies

With Google Analytics we measure how you use and how you found us. We use this knowledge to improve our website. Without this cookie we do not see how you use our site and you will have to wait longer for improvements.

Marketing cookies

We also use cookies for marketing purposes. So we can send you offers that you really want. Facebook allows us to see which pages you view. So we can show you relevant blogs and services. Without these cookies, you miss out on personalized offers.